Welcome to the PortalBio (Biodiversity Portal)

The Biodiversity Portal aims to provide to Brazilian society data and information on Brazilian biodiversity generated or received by the Ministry of Environment and its related institutions. Currently, the available databases are those of some of the systems maintained by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), mainly by its Research and Conservation Centers, the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (JBRJ) and other partners.

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions and hosts one of the greatest diversity of flora and fauna in the world. The data provided in the PortalBio represents a broad vision on the distribution of Brazilian biodiversity.

It is possible to search, visualize, download and analyze records of the biodiversity databases currently available. For a detailed description of the functionalities available on the Portal, access the User Manual.

Disclaimer: Information and data provided in the Biodiversity Portal come from diverse databases, with different structures and technologies. In majority these data was produced and offered by researches and other professionals who are not directly associated with (ICMBio), however, in some way, they have used the Institute systems, for example: Bird Ringing (bird banding) Permission System and Research Permission System. Therefore (For that reason), the ICMBio do not guarantee, directly or indirectly, data or information confidentiality, integrity and currentness in its own custody, rather the efforts to provide accurate data and information. The Chico Mendes Institute will not be responsible in any case for damage, outcomes and loss that the use of these data, released to the public, might cause, eventually.